Author Topic: No Substance textures from UE4 on Nintendo Switch  (Read 4201 times)

I recently updated a build of our current project  to include some scenes that make use of textures generated by the Substance plugin for UE4.

Just to be clear, this is the use of imported SBSAR files used with the Substance plugin.

We have a major issue in that all the meshes that have these applied, render untextured on Switch. They appear fine in the PC build however.

The only issue that appears in the build log, are four instances of the following warning.

LogInit: Display: LogSubstanceCore: Warning: Failed to find Image Input UAsset for - Custom Pattern.

The version of the plugin that we are using is

So my question would be, is there a know issue using Substance plugin produced textures on the Switch, and if so is there a fix or workaround?

Additionally is the warning above (LogSubstanceCore) likely to be a cause of this.

A bit of additional information. I just tried changing the Substance Plugin setting under the section for Cooking, for "Default generation mode for Substances", from SGM Platform Default, to SGM Baked. However this did not resolve the issue.

BTW... I've also posted the same question to the the UE4 Nintendo Switch forum.
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Same here.
But nobody really seems so care. No "official" comments on any of these posts