Author Topic: No height map is generating and normal is flat  (Read 3793 times)

i generated normal map with "sobel height to normal" node in substance designer in my material. everything looks fine there but when i publish the material and import in ue4 the normal is completely flat and there is no height map generated when i import the substance. i plugged height map to height output and my original height input is bitmap. and also when i try material in substance painter my normal is flat too :S. my normal map intensity parameter does nothing, which i exposed.

Hey, do you think you can show us how your graph looks like ?

This is caused by the Substance CPU engine. In UE4, you can change to the GPU engine which supports better precision for textures (16bits). Go to your project settings and then go in Editor > Substance and switch to GPU engine. You need to restart the editor in order to apply the changes.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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Hey, do you think you can show us how your graph looks like ?

i found the problem. i think it's a bug so i wanted to let you guys now. it generating normal map from sobel normal node normally by default but if a expose the NORMAL INTENSITY and publish the normal becomes flat.


i am running into this problem, at first the normal icon was yellow and there was no informtion in the normals, i switched the normal output to rgb and that fixed the thumbnail but not the normal issue.

switching to gpu in unreal didnt fix the issue either.

what is strange though is that it is only doing it for one sbsar, others work fine even though there are no differences between the output formats.

i removed the exposed normal intensity and that did fix the normals.

a work around is to have a levels before your normal, expose the "level out high" and that will work.