Author Topic: Texture packing SBSAR from Substance Source  (Read 2116 times)

Is there any way to pack textures of an SBSAR file directly in UE4? I know I can create a new SBS, setup the packing using RGBA merge, and then publish a new SBSAR. However, it seemed like a common thing to do and was wondering if there was a more efficient way. This is common when downloading stuff from Substance Source.

I was wondering the exact same thing ! If I only have access to the sbsar file and it had not been setup as a packed material, it seems like it would be a huge time saver to be able to pack for the ARM workflow directly from UE4 using the Substance Plugin.

could you show me the way you want to pack them?

I want to use the ARM workflow, which goes like this:
A: AO (Red Channel)
R: Roughness (Green Channel)
M: Metalness (Blue Channel)
Base Color is a separate texture.

So currently when I open the Substance Graph Instance in UE4 (using the Substance UE4 Plugin) and click Save, each channel is saved as a separate texture. I would like to still be able to update the substance parameters but have the output be 2 "textures" (Diffuse, ARM (3 maps packed inside the RGB channels). Bonus point if the final material (shader) would also have the proper links (3 links from the ARM texture going to their corresponding output of the UE4 material) + Diffuse going to the Base Color output.

Thanks for the quick reply !

No clue if it's something the Substance engine can handle ( @Froyok ?), but this is an option that you could imagine adding in the original SD graph. maybe a bit tricky... As I am not a U user myself, I'll see if Fabrice has an answer.

Just to be clear, I already know how to do it with the graph when I have access to the sbs file and I know how to do it in Photoshop. My question was really if there is a way to do it directly with the Substance Source Plugin inside of UE4 (where you might not have access to the sbs and you don't want to spend time manually creating each material in Photoshop). If that feature doesn't exist yet, I guess I could look at the automation APIs you guys provide, maybe there is something I could program to automate this.

up for this

Good day, I would like to request or ask if you have plans to include texture packing from substance source to unreal engine. There are several materials or plugins that prefer using certain texture packs like ARM for better optimization. I do note that quixel also uses such packing. I hope that texture packing in anyway be supported soon. It will really help the livelink and the entire ecosystem directed to unreal engine. Thank you so much.