Author Topic: Wood materials  (Read 1209 times)

Hello. I have downloaded wood materials. Open in Substance Designer and see nothing inside. Why? Other materials are good (seatbelt etc)


Have you downloaded the .sbs file?
By default on the website you download a .sbsar, which allows you to tweak the parameters in Substance Painter and the integrations, but not to modify the graph.
To modify the graph you need to download the .sbs file.
To do so please click on the thumbnail of your material on the Source website to open the popup, and there if the .sbs is available you will see a dropdown list with the different formats when you click on the "download" button.

If you are already downloading the .sbs of the wood materials and it doesn't work in substance Designer, could you please tell me which particular materials are not working?
PO @ Allegorithmic