Author Topic: Sub help please  (Read 83 times)

 Sorry that this is probably so obvious but is 3a.m. of a very long day. I have been wanting to get back into 3d and splurged on some new spsm packs from Artstation. Of course was too stupid to remember I have old version and none of these work.
I have 2017.4.2 and would like to see what I do to update to current. Unfortunatle I cant do a sub as have been out of work for a year and paying the estate atty fees to set up my dad's estate. yea, I know, dont ask. So if it is feasible I want tp update so I can use these spsm s. Thanks alot and apologies I havent been able to really support Substance this past year or so. Just amazing software.

...ok so i dug around and if I understand correctly when I reup my monthly sub at 9.95 for the first 6 months it will upgrade my Substance to the current edition.