Author Topic: Is it possible to have a 150 color palette in (1) material preset?  (Read 184 times)


I am in the process of creating a paint library and I want to have all of the colors like 150 of them in (1) group then export them to UE4, instead of having 150 Separate material colors to be instanced etc...., 

Is this possible?

The idea is to be able to open the (1) matte paint material in Subatance Designer then have the remaining 149 colors in an exposed parameter list,  then drill down to select/switch to any of those paint colors?

In addition:

I would also like to be able to neatly import same into UE4, where I would have (1) color line with 150 paint options that could easily be instanced as needed in a more organized fashion in a UE4 material folder. The list of generated maps for the material, material instance, and substance parameter file is too much stuff to look at.  I want (1) material and a list of colors that would only extrapolate when I choose to select and apply them to meshes.

If doing basic paint materials as above, would it be better to do in MDL format instead of PBR?
In MDL would I have an easier option to be able to select paint choices under (1) group than above?

Please advise.

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