Author Topic: Substance Painter freezing PC for some minutes at each Autosave (bug or pref?)  (Read 788 times)

I am experiencing an annoying thing: At each Autosave of Substance Painter is my complete workstation freezing.

I wonder, if that can't be influenced better, that it doesn't take all capacity and stops my work
(I have a powerful workstation wit double-CPU and 2 GPU and 64GB RAM and SSD, so it is completely unneccessary).

And also it happens when I am right in an action.
I think it should come at least a sign or a countdown (a feature also known from zBrush), so that I can manage the timing, or decide if I want to be stopped for some time in my work.
And wrong seems to me, that even when I don't have changed anything it is Autosaving...

Thanks for help!

Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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