Author Topic: How to change Substance Source Base Color To A Manufacture Paint Via .PNG  (Read 301 times)


I am trying to change the downloaded matte paint base color from substance source to a manufacture's color using a .png.
Every time I try to change the copied matte paint graph background color to the .png manufacture's color it does not show up in 3d view instead I keep getting the default red cube.

Please advise on how to Simply change a substance source matte paint color using a manufacture's .png color file.
Please note I do not have exact rgb values only the .png color.

In Addition, Where I do have the rgb of the manufacture would I simply save the downloaded matte paint as my new color name, then simply change the color float value of 3 to my rgb values?  (Please note that when I copied the original matte paint graph into my new package/color/graph the cube turned red and the original matte paint is white).
I don't know what happened with copying and I would prefer to simply save the original as my new color and change the color via both ways .png and rgb. 

Please advise best way to do this I have a whole list of paint colors I want to add to my library.

I simply save as a new matter color name then change the attributes color when I have the rgb information.

Now all I need is how to modify the colors via .png connection.  My guess is use the color picker if a .png color does not connect well with the uniform color.  I am not able add/edit the input or blend to the Substance Source Uniform color, where I would connect a 2048 x 2048 color bitmap .png.


My issue was simply solved via replacing the uniform color with the .png and resetting the color ms to smallest amount for efficiency. 
Problem solved.
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