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I'm rather new to Substance designer. I'm working a lot with large scale objects like large ships and oil rigs. I'm wondering if it is possible to use the mask generators to create edge damage on the mesh (lets say on 1 uv channel), but at the same time have the main material be tiled over the mesh (2nd uv channel). This way keeping the smaller details of the main material and at the same time using a mask generator to create damage and dirt detail. My goal is to have a rather fast semi-automated workflow with flexible materials in Unity.

I've been playing around with the mask generators a bit already, but the resolution of the materials is just to low on large objects. I can attach some screenshots if needed.

Thanks for your help.


What you describe looks like material layering in a custom shader: you generate a mask based on UV1 and you use this mask to blend two tiled materials (based on UV1 or UVx ).

To visualize this in Designer you'll have to create a custom shader that mimics the shader you'll have in Unity.
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Thank you. I'll see if I can make something like that.