Author Topic: Usage of multiple UVSets  (Read 990 times)

Is there any way, or something planned for the usage of multiple UVSets? At work we are mostly working with tiled textures and scaled uvsets with a second UVSet in the uv 0-1 space for ambient occlusion maps or other stuff.
It was a step forward that you enable the uvsets for the bakers, which saves us the work of creating an extra export with switched uvsets.

But I'm still missing the huge leap in terms of quality if you can combine multiple uv sets and and the workarounds, jumping between multiple software while creating the textures is time consuming.
At the moment I have to create my material layers as materials and then use multiple masks the combine it in UE4 for example. It is a way to do things, but there is a ton of back and forth.
I'd love if I could at least create everything in SD and then set it up in UE 4. Since I can't assign uvsets, I have either bad texture resolution in SD, or I can't use masks, because they have to be in uvspace 0-1.

Please, SD team. Add to base parameters UV channel parameter.

Yes, Unity now supports 5 UVs... where for art thou UV5?