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Hello there,

So I'm new to substance painter and I need some advice on a work flow. I have a character I'm working on, a gladiator. I have the armor, leather and bandages, body, eyes, & mouth all separate. low and HIGH OBJs

My question is do I work on them individually or do I group them into one FBX/OBJ and work on them that way.

Whats the best way of going about this? any help would be great.

You can either work on them individually or what I normally do is include them all in the same FBX file:


Then in your high poly version:


and bake in Painter like this:

You always want to bake objects separately if they will either be too close, or intersect. You can have separate objects like:


Just keep in mind they will take up their own texture space if you split them.

(There are ways to share UV space with the same objects without joining them, but I haven't tested it for baking yet with Substance - I'll do a test a post back later)
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I did a quick test as I normally just join objects. To make things clear I'll walk you through what is going on.

This mesh has 3 parts, the top, right, and bottom.

Assuming you have 3 objects in your FBX file and just bake without using _low _high, or if the top and right objects are too close or intersecting with the bottom you'll get this result:

Now if you bake by mesh name by either keeping all 3 parts seperate, or if I join the top and right objects like I did in the below as they're not touching or too close you'll get this:

The Top and Right meshes are joined and share the same UV space and material ID. However in your modeling software you'll only see 2 meshes now because they were joined.

If you don't want to join meshes but share UV space, Blender has TextureAtlas which I just tested to be sure it still works. I've maintained 3 meshes, but have the Top and Right sharing the same UV map and I get the following:

This is just for those that don't want a destructive workflow and would rather not combine meshes. I personally don't care because I keep a 'Working' copy, and a 'Game Ready' version.

Thank you so much for your informative response and test! This is very helpful. I have a FBX _low & _High with all my parts properly named and materials assigned to them. Now, after baking assets for the armor, that it is best to break down all the separate armor parts. Shoulder pad_01_low ..pad_02_low etc. So i don't get any bad projections. I have adjusted the distance but i still get a little artifacts.

Separate question. How can I give the body an SSS material separate from the armor?