Author Topic: Substance painter workflow problems  (Read 1699 times)


I am just learning SP but i hit a realy bad blocker in my workflow
I textured a PBR asset in SD, base metal grundge map etc.

Then for the details i am trying to import the substance  in SP and paint oil leak damage etc, but i cannot get the substance into SP i have imported it but cannot get it into the layer or get any of the exported texture from SD into the layer stack of SP.

I can see my material into the material shelve but i cannot add it to my mesh. so as i result i cannot add details on my already created substance...

Am i doing it wrong?

Hmmm, maybe try to apply the SD-Substance as a "fill layer"? works?


i wish it was that easy i look at a few tutorial but its not working... i could get my substance into the material but i cant double click on it like the materials in the material sections of SP

its very weird that something this simple is blocking me from using SP if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated


You have to drag and drop.
Drag the selected material from the shelf and drop it on the Material section on the right.
See attached image.

Thanks stefan

i think it was because i had a unconnected output node in my substance that was not letting me enable it.

its fixed now SP is awesome!