Author Topic: Slow 3D painting tool  (Read 15915 times)

I also just downloaded the trial beta because I'm looking for a program that will allow me to paint in 3d on my models.  My style of art is more painterly so I probably will not use any of the extra features that you program has but a friend who does use it raved about the painting features.

Unfortunately it seems that while painting in 3d on objects even at medium to low settings, there is considerable lag when painting.  I am testing this software at work on a new computer with pretty decent specs.

If there is a way to fix the lag otherwise please let me know, at this point if it continues I'm afraid I couldn't purchase a license as much as I wanted to.

The latest Beta is slower than the earlier ones. I read somewhere that Allegorithmic began to emplement som new technic into the Beta12 and that is why it went slower. I´m pretty sure the final release (15 october) will be faster.


We are currently re-working the architecture for 4K support. The slow down in the current beta builds have been a result of this work in progress. The final release will not have this performance issue.