Author Topic: Artifacts between materials  (Read 749 times)

Hi there guys. I'm 2 days into SP and I'm having a problem (of course haha). So, we're making a low poly game with very cubic sharp edge graphics (something similar to Grow Home, but more cubic) aaand I guess we need textures soo I had to try this awesome program and I found a way to paint only on the specific face I want and it's all good, but when adding more than 1 material I get this ->
No idea why it's happening. I'm still not sure how to make my settings to bake the textures the proper way for the graphics we're aiming for. Also I'm so new to this I'm not exactly sure what baking is and why I need it, but let's say I'm 80% there on my understandings :D
Thanks for reading and I hope we can solve this one easily ^^

If you're baking objects within the same space then you need to separate them by Mesh Name.
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)