Author Topic: Substance Painter: Using Displacement Maps from Zbrush Doesn't work  (Read 2306 times)

Hey, guys... so I am using Substance Painter for the first time on a VFX character and I have ran into an issue involving the use of a Displacement Map that I baked out in ZBrush and it is a 32bit EXR and I set the mid level to 0. Now it renders in Modo just fine, but I am guessing, I will be forced to bake a height map in Substance Designer and bring it in Painter...

Has anyone successfully got a displacement map from ZBrush working in Painter?

Painter doesn't support displacements... You can run height through Parallax Occlusion, but that is it. Anything displacing geometry has to be done outside of Painter.
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Good to know. I am just using the map as reference while I paint... I can also use the normal map as a reference