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any way to get a 2:1 document to display properly in the 3d view without importing a resource made for that?
I don't mind if it tiles twice vertically on the cube but I can only see to set tiling globally and not discretely to either U or V.
Can I park an FBX somewhere in one of my Designer folders and have it show up as an option in the 3d view scene menu alongside rounded cube, rounded cylinder et al?

Yes, you absolutely can!
You go to the Substance Designer install folder, and find "shapes," which by default is at
Code: [Select]
C:\Program Files\Allegorithmic\Substance Designer\resources\view3d\shapes

Now your custom FBX will show up alongside the others!

If you want your 2:1 substance to work with the default shapes, you can totally do that too. The simplest way is probably to plug each map into a tile generator set to X:1, Y:2. That will make a square with two tiles of your map.

Hope that helps!
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You can add your own objects to the library in: Program Files\Allegorithmic\Substance Designer\resources\view3d\shapes
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yeah the library question was an afterthought and I figured it out a minute after posting lol
Thank you. It really helps yeah?

Great idea with the tile generator too thank you!

oops, I somehow completely blanked that Palirano said the exact same thing :p
Esger van der Post.
Game design student and texturing addict.