Author Topic: Huion Table H58L Pen doesn't work properly  (Read 1151 times)

Hello. My Pen doesn't work properly. I can't set middle mouse button for my pen. Substance Painter always ignoring my driver settings. In other applications the pen works well. I'm always experienced troubleshooting only the substance painter. Before I used Wacom tablet and had this kind of problems too. But with wacom I can fixed it. With Huion tablet I can do nothing.

Tablet - Huion H58L
Driver Version - 12.3.7
Substance Painter - 2018.3.2

Log file in attachments

We are currently aware of some issue with Huion tablets at the moment. We don't have any ETA on a fix since unfortunately the main seems to be in the Huion drivers.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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Any solutions? New version of Substance still change nothing. Pen's middle button doesn't work yet. Do you really can't do any options for reasigning keys inside Substance or something, just something? Do you send any request to Huion? Or this problem belongs to owner Huion tablets personaly? Everyone knows about this problem long time ago... And any fix yet? I can't do anything and I can not afford super expensive Wacom tablets. Is it really my personal problems?

Still no solution for this???

Downgrading drivers lets me use the pen buttons, but no sensitivity. The latest drivers are the opposite: sensitivity but pen buttons don't work.

This is a deal-breaker and a HUGE oversight... I'm baffled.

I changed my tablet on Inspiroy Q11K V2. It was waste of money. Nothing changed. Allegorithmic or Huion doesn't care about it much. Yes I wrote to Huion support team, too. It seems like Huion first time hear to it. It's such indifference... It's just depressed me... Also I noticed that some XP-Pen tablets have the same problem. It seems like everything become only worse.

I also have a Huion H610PRO and that works with Blender, Lightroom, Photoshop without any problem just not with Substance Painter. Logically, it seems then that the wrong specifications are built into Substance Painter.
Besides Wacom, there are many other tablet makers, even though Wacom invests a lot of money in advertising.