Author Topic: Non-functional 3D view window on startup  (Read 314 times)

Every time I launch SD I get a blank 3D view window. I can't drag & drop anything inside. It does't matter if I open SD by double klicking a .sbs file or by opening it from the start menu. To get it working again I need to close it and open a new one by clicking Windows -> New 3D View.

I have (had?) the same issue on another machine before, not sure what causes it.
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The 3d view doesn't load until it's told to render something. I usually just right click the background of the graph and select 'view outputs in 3d view'.

You can also automatically render each new graph you open with this option in the preferences:

Good to know! Activating the 3d view should be possible by dragging & dropping a graph into the window too though, not just by 'view outputs in 3d view'.