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I have a Logitech G500s mouse on my primary development machine, and am having issues with the middle mouse button in both Substance Designer and Painter. 

In SD, any time I press the MMB the view starts panning sideways.  In SP, it zooms as if using the wheel.

I searched the forums and found a few hits about this particular issue, with the primary recommendation to update drivers.  I'm already using the newest Logitech Gaming Software build.  I've tried it with another Logitech mouse, a G500 and a Razer Death Adder.  The G500 has the same problem, but the Razer works fine, although I did not install the Razer software for the test.

Has anyone found a solution or work around for this issue?  For now I'm just avoiding the MMB and remapping what I can to other keys. This isn't ideal because it causes a hitch in my workflow, especially when switching between apps where MMB is used a lot.

I'm running SD 4.6.1, SP 1.2.1, Windows 7 x64 SP1 + all updates and Logitech Gaming Software v8.57.145.

Thanks in advance!

Just in case someone else finds this thread via a search, there is a work around that will allow the middle mouse button to be used.

If you disable the scroll left and scroll right functionality in Logitech Gaming Software/SetPoint, the middle mouse button will work as expected.

If I switch off the mouse tilt functionality in Logictec setpoint the entire middle mouse functionality is switched off.. :-(
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