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Hi guys !
I have a frequent problem with the tiling generators and splatters, when it comes to colorization.

For instance here, with this leaf splattering, I want to macro-color the 2nd splatter by ring, while still having a micro-color gradient along each leaf slope.

So my workaround is to use a global gradient, and then HSL the more central leaves

But doing so, I have to duplicate the Splatter circular node to get a gradient according to ring number, that will allow me to mask the HSL.

Problem is : each time I want to change the splattering settings, I have to copy parameters over to the duplicate.

Is their a way to automatically connect these 2 nodes parameters / to output this ring number from the splatter without needing a duplicate ? Or whatever that could allow me to avoid this parameter copy each time ?

I'm not sure I entirely understand what you're trying to accomplish, but would it work to create a sub-graph that includes the specific splatter process? You can expose the parameters that change while leaving the others "hard coded" in that sub-graph. Then you can use that node as many times as you want in your primary graph while you input the varying data.

Sorry if I misunderstood.

Another idea is to create your own "exposed" variables and link them up to both splatter nodes where needed. If you don't want these variables to be visible, maybe put a "0" in the "visible if" section (I have not tested that).
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