Author Topic: Can't update and open an "old" substance  (Read 211 times)


I can't update a substance file from to

The Update report is : : Change format of option stored on scene resources for baking and 3DView
     Xml error (line=1, column=836654) :
     unexpected end of file
   Failed to apply format updater "Change format of options stored on scene resources for baking and 3DView"

Please help.

Can you send us the .sbs file ?
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Here it is.

Don't sell my beautiful work to Ubisoft please.  ;D

For some reasons the xml code inside the .sbs has been truncated (a problem during the file save or the file copy..I don't know). I've filled the missing parts but it's possible some content is missing..
Product Manager - Allegorithmic

Ok thank you.

Please, can you send me back the .sbs file ?


here it is.
Product Manager - Allegorithmic

As far as I can tell, it is ok.

Thank you for your time.  :)