Author Topic: Can't drag anything into layers panel?  (Read 122 times)

Last week I updated to the new substance painter, but didn't have any issue. Worked on different files, and was able to use smart materials and any masks I needed to. A bit slow, but it wasn't a memory or ram issue and I didn't have many programs open, so I figured it was something internal; it didn't stop me from being able to work so I ignored it. However, this week, I suddenly can't drag anything into the layers panel. I can't drag smart materials into the layers, I can't drag masks or files into the different layer options (color, metal, opacity, etc), and it's really annoying. It's also going to cause a problem if I just can't use any smart materials, smart masks, etc, since I can at least select masks by searching the name. Has anyone else had this problem? How do I fix it? Restarting Substance didn't help, nor restarting the computer. Making a new file didn't help either. It just acts like I never dragged anything and doesn't react whatsoever when I try. I'm on a PC.

Are you using the latest version of Windows 10? Are you launching Substance Painter as an administrator? Usually drag and drop issues in Windows have to do with user rights management.

Yes to the first, and no to the second. I tried it though, and it helped; as administrator I was able to drag and drop. That's weird that it suddenly happened though; I haven't updated Windows in the last 2 weeks. Thank you. Any idea how to prevent that from happening again?