Author Topic: Validating User Channel Assignments  (Read 131 times)

Is it possible to query for the user channel assignment for a given channel identifier?

I'm needing to validate that a standard channel "heat" is assigned to userX.

Actual Issue:
I actually don't WANT to have to validate it however since materials and tools don't rely on hard coded user index assignments. They supply I/O by using the defined names, like "heat". But I'm still reliant on needing hard coded user index assignments because of the following two limitations that I'm aware of:
  • I'm auto disabling channels in materials, tools,  etc using the userData string parameter. Since it does NOT take into account the string identifier when it enables / disables, I'm stuck with need to hard code user channel index assignments instead of supplying a list of string literal names
  • The export presets also don't work with generically named identifiers. They always expect "heat" to be in a certain user channel
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