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Allegorythmic Team: could you pleeeease make Substance Painter able to us the 3D Mouse (3d connexion space navigator) for moving around the object. The current system is so arkward. Make it please before the perpetual can't get it anymore!!!

Couldn't agree more. I use Substance Painter next to Houdini, which DOES support 3D Connexxion mouses. It is so awkward to switch back and forth and constantly needing to change your navigation tooling. PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN NOW (I see the feature request is already open since 2014, that is 5 years of waiting!!!).

Hopefully now they're owned by Adobe, Allegorithmic can port in the 3D mouse support from Photoshop.  :-)

I pokes wes about this again.. pointing out that all the CAD/CAM and ARCHVIZ folks would be much happier!

I have a 3d mouse, its in my shelf for years. Not very useful for a 3d modeler if you have to click things, use keys and orbit at the same time.

I agree too!

If I remember correctly, this request goes back a couple years.

I recently started learning 3D Coat for texturing and it has 3D Mouse support. MAJOR breath of fresh air for a texturing utility to have. Makes 3D painting an absolute dream. Please, for the love of all that is holy and sacred... add 3D Mouse support to Painter!

Please add 3D mouse support! So much easier to navigate.

This would be really useful feature in Substance Painter. 3D mouse is really useful tool to rotate object so you can easily view it from any angle. Of course this would also make manual hand painting much more fluid as well.

Please add support for  3D mouse as soon as possible.

+1 for 3D mouse Support

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