Author Topic: Substance Painter 2018.3.2  The size of UI Fonts  (Read 270 times)

I am satisfied with the beautiful and organized UI of Substance products.

However, when I work with a monitor of 27 inches or 32 inches, there are scenes where UI characters are very tiny and difficult to read and tiring eyes.

Perhaps the size of the current character is supposed to be 9pt size and properly displayed on a monitor of 20 inches to 24 inches.

Unfortunately, "Setting" does not provide an option to change the size of letters.

Changing the Windows system font does not change the size, so I think that it is working on the application side, but I can not edit it with a text editor like Autodesk Maya.

Is it not possible to prepare a beta test or an informal setting file so that it can be changed by the user's responsibility?

Also, I am glad that it will become possible to customize the size of various icons with Setting.

Same here. So:

Dear Santa Allegorithmic /Adobe!
Please consider implementing scalabe UI fonts (or better yet, entirely scalable UI - as in Blender) into your wonderful Painter app - as soon as possible.
The reason: current font size is too small and only good for tenagers whose eyesight hasn't yet been declined at school or by smartphone overuse, - or for lucky older people with perfect eysight. For a middle-aged guy like me, this font size is way too small and makes my eyes red in just a few hours (while Blender's scalable interface fonts do not).

With hope for understanding and for more comfortable workflow,
Painter app user(s).