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Is there any way to have the input node's format be relative to the node that eventually becomes plugged into it? It doesn't have "relative to input" available as an option, and when I use "relative to parent", it seems to get stuck at whatever format the parent is set to when I publish.

So if I create a graph and set the input as relative to parent, publish and use it, then plug a 16-bit node into it, it still outputs its data as 8-bit because its parent graph was set to 8 bit when I published.

Thanks for any help

For now the inputs can't inherit there properties from the node it is linked to. In your case I'd suggest you set the bitdepth to absolute 16bit.

Btw, once published to sbsar, the bitdepth is no longer dynamic.
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I didn't know this. Thank you for the information.

Hopefully this is something that will be added later as it doesn't make a lot of sense not to have this flexibility, at least for full graph usage (no sbsar).
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Just for clarity, .sbs files can dynamicly change bitdepth, sbsar can not.
An sbs graph will always have 1 input from which information such as bitdepth, resolution etc can be inherited. When placed in another graph this input will have a little dot in it.

When you select an input node inside the graph you can change which input node will be used as this 'primary' input
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I must be doing something wrong. I only have one input for the graph I'm testing. Regardless of what format I set the parent to when I save, when I drag this graph into another and plug in a lower or higher bit depth connection, it does not change it from the format I saved with, even while having it set to "inherit from input".

My input appears to be set as the primary, and I'm using the sbs file, not the sbsar.

I may be overlooking something obvious. But I would love to figure this out. Thanks again for the guidance.

I figured it out. I was not setting my saved graph to be relative to parent. For some reason I had it in my head that input nodes could be set to be relative, but not graphs themselves. But it looks like both need to be set to be relative to parent in this case.

Thanks again for the help.

Does anyone know if its possible to set the parent bit depth of the graph? IE, we have the drop down at the top to select the parent resolution, but I don't see any controls to set the bit depth. Still looking, but haven't found this info in the documentation yet.

No, for now only the Parent Size is exposed, we should probably expose all parameters but for most people only the size is really important. So we have to find the right UX solution..
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Yeah, that would be great, because we currently have to temporarily override the graph format to operate in any format other than 8-bit, which can be problematic if you forget to change it back to relative before you save.

For example, If I'm writing a gray scale processing graph of any kind, I'm always going to want to use 16-bit rather than 8, because of all of the quality loss issues of 8 bit. That means I need to override the graph format pretty much every time I create a new node, which means over half of my custom graphs probably currently have the format overridden to 16 bit, whereas I would much rather they adapt to whatever format is plugged into them.

Just a convenience issue, I guess.