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I need some help for visualizing and exporting materials from Designer,
I need to build material and export with a particular set of channels for a game I am working on.
On painter is more simple to setup custom export but not in Designer.
I need to export 3 file
1 is the diffuse = RGB Channels for Base Color () + Alpha for Opacity
2 is the metallic= Red channel for Metallic - Green channel for AO - Blue channel need to be black + Alpha for Smoothness
3 is the Normal= Red channel need to be black - Green channel for Green  - Blue channel for Blue + Alpha for Red channel.

Now when the channel needs to be blank what setting should I set in the usage field? then I need to send red channel on alpha how I can do that?
Another question I add an alpha channel as a test on opacity for the diffuse map that need an alpha and use the Channels Shuffle to mix but it doesn't seems to work.
Generally speaking  I can't see the render in 3d view of the combination of all this element, what I doing wrong, can I do it?
For Diffuse

For Metallic

For Normal

Thank you
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The 3d view totally ignores multiple usages (these are mostly meant to be interpreted by integrations)., our default shader is made to take a single texture for each sampler.

You'll have to modify the shader to take a packed texture as input.
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