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I am using the awesome new PBR SSS shader .. now how do I export the scatter map, I mean how do I set up the export in the configuration settings. I know it will not be grey scale. Also, can I even use it in the Arnold 5 ai standard shader? Plugging it into one of the Subsurface slots.


You can export using any of the standard export presets or you can add the Scattering map to the existing Arnold 5 export preset.

Yes, I would have to add it, and that is my question, how to add it.  I have tried adding an RGB and dragging the scatter map from the side, but doesn't work.. what settings would I use? Also, how would I use it in Arnold 5? I assume I would plug it into the Subsurface color. I get this error [MapExporter] The map 'SkinMAT_Scatter' can't be generated for the texture set 'SkinMAT'. Or If I select as Alpha I get a blank white image. And yes I am using the PBRSSS shader, and have added scattering to my texture set, and have a fill layer with scat only.
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The scattering map is a grayscale channel, so you'll need to create a grayscale slot in the Export Configuration tab in your preset. The actual color of the SSS in Painter is setup in the shader, so you would have to set that up again manually in Arnold afterwards.

Ahhh ok.. thanks. I thought since I used a color, I would use RGB.. I got ya now. Thanks for responding Jeremie.

What would be the map export for Vray Maya udim ?

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