Author Topic: How to import B&W image as a pattern in SD  (Read 379 times)

So, I have this image that I'd like to use as a pattern for use in Substance Painter:

Given what I've managed to learn so far, I need to take it through B2M first, but the tutorials and videos I've seen so far have all been about how to take an image that's not quite designed to be a pattern and use it as a material. 

This image, however, is an image made for being a tiled pattern from inception.  I specifically want to use this as a pattern for use in Substance Designer.

Could someone please walk me through from the start-to-finish process that is required in order to do this, or point me to a reference for exactly that?  I seem to have trouble finding one...

Either use a bitmap node to import or source the image in your graph.. or use some shape nodes and tile samplers to rebuild your pattern. That should get you on your way :)

you don´t need bitmap2material with such a neat heightmap. Hopefully it´s 16bit?

just drag and drop it into your graph, choose linked or imported.

since a good substance graph is derived from a heightmap anyway, you can create everything you need from this heightmap. i

recommended nodes: height to normal, ambient occlusion (HBAO)

don´t forget to set your graph to 16bit or higher as well, when working with heightmaps.