Author Topic: ability to load external textures for 100+ udims  (Read 1348 times)

Quite often we would like to load a set of textures (it could be a colour map or some ids etc) for 100+ udims. As far as I know there is no way to do it. Painter doesn't recognise them as a sequence and cannot assign them to appropriate udims. We tried instances of shaders across udims and all sorts of other tricks. Loading each tile for sometimes more than 200 udims by hand is not really an option. On top of it even manually loaded "fill layers" with an anchor cannot be then referenced in instantiated materials.

This is being worked on.

As this issue keeps coming back on every project I looked for a hack. The substance painter can only recognise udims automatically in the baked channels. So I hijacked one that I wasn't using and manually loaded each udim for each texture set there. Step two required a simple generator made in the designer that remaps that channel as an output. That way I can make an instance of my shading setup on multiple udims and each will load appropriate tile.

Since this is an ok workaround I think this could be implemented in Painter. I would only require adding some custom channels and a generator that can use them. That way we can use Painter while we wait for the big, amazing update with proper udim support.

I am also doing this by hand one by one for more than 200+ maps, it's really pain  :-\