Author Topic: Automatic Output with all variations  (Read 1383 times)

Lets say I made a simple .sbs that generates a "default profile picture" As the one attached, this file has the exposed parameters of:

-Text (string)
-hue (float1)
-random seed

Now Id like to automatically export all output variations, like 3 color variations for each letter in the alphabet, (And a random seed each time)

That'd be a cool way to make procedural assets for a web page so all users without profile picture would have an avatar of their letter with a random color.

Is there a way to export just that, like specify which variations you want to output without me having to do it manually for each letter and color?

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I've actually solved it by linking the $time into the graph functions and export all time values from 0 to 24 with substance player. It was time cosuming but, now I can make any change I want in the design and export in a glimpse