Author Topic: Workflow: Getting Substance Source Car Paint mats to work with VRayCarPaintMtl?  (Read 175 times)


Wondering if anyone has been able to figure out a workflow using the car paint materials (using flakes; like Metallic Car Paint) from Source, VRay (I'm using 3DS). If so, would very much appreciate your thoughts/inputs on what got it working/replicating the material in 3DS/VRay as it looks in SD.

Material looks great in Designer, but I can't use it until I figure out how to work it in a VRay pipeline. I've seen a few other posts from the past asking about this, but haven't come across any feedback on how to make this work.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

the solution

Guillame, I just saw your response. Thank you so much for taking the time!! Very kind of you. And thanks for sharing your input. I'll go through it and take notes. Appreciate it!