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Hi, found it recently on ArtStation crazy stuff.

The guy made beautiful flags and shown simple breakdown material for it but nodes are hardly visible and I am not very advanced in SSD. I wonder if someone knows what are those nodes, so I can rebuild it myself or have similar material and would happy to share it?


No one really knows?  :(

Everything in this graph is done inside thay custom node in the middle. It uses a multi-colored map of the flag design and uses it to drive the cloth material generation.
But all of it is hidden in there.
We can't see the process because it's hidden in the custom node. It probably hides a pretty sizeable graph for such a complex effect.
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That's quite surprising for me, I thought apart from transform nodes docked to bitmap's nodes nothing else is hidden just blurry, so we can't see it properly.

Well, let me demonstrate. Here's an attempt at some of the effects in the flags. This graph is probably even smaller than Nathaniel LaMartina's graph, because the material isn't as refined.

Now I'll select the nodes that comprise the material, and select Create graph from selection

Now I have a single node that does what all of those nodes did:

In fact, many of the nodes I used in that original graph contain nodes of their own. You can open most nodes in Designer and see how they're made by right-clicking and selecting open reference.
Dissecting cool noise nodes is one of the best ways to learn Substance Designer techniques.

I hope that helps!
- Robin

Here's the graph I made, if you want to take a look:!AuLCSE-VGaTGrW1OicLRMobrJ5Qk
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Will have a look. Cheers

Edit: My SSD version is one step older than yours and I can't open it, is there a chance you might upload your screenshots much bigger?
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Of course! A lot of the magic is hidden in the specific sliders of each node, but I'm sure you can figure out a lot of it. If you have any more questions, don't hesitete to ask!
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Thank you again. I made SSD update today and I can now open your graph. It's pretty self explanatory but it definitely will give me a huge inspirational kick and hopefully I will be able to make something like I mentioned before very soon.

In dependencies folder you have interesting custom nodes. Is it you own creation?
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Oh yeah, I guess so. I didn't think I used any of those but there you go. Probably out of habit by now. You can use them if you find them helpful.
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Ok, great, I keep it of r now. Thanks