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Hi guys !!

Here is my first post in the painter section, and I hope nobody already asked about it ( even though I have quite a serious doubt about it :D

Basically, I'm trying to texture a road with 3ds max, using lots of unwrap with different map channels to place different elements of it ( basic asphalt / lines / pedestrian pathes etc ).
This task is pretty daunting and long, and I'd like to know if you had some good workflow about how to do it in painter.
The only thing is that I'd like to keep some good definition for all the textures, therefore all the UVs have different sizes for each type of mapping.

I must say that I'm pretty new to substance painter, and that I'm strongly relying on you guys :D I'm not looking for a quick and easy magic solution obviously, but looking for a way to make this texturing moment a bit less ... painful :D

All the best !


Normally with such things in production we would make tile-able materials in Substance Designer, and another layer for the road markings. I don't like using Painter for such things as I find it struggles with anything environment related due to limitations on texture size and density the larger you go. It's better to have a high quality texture map and tile them across your UVs so you maintain full texture quality no matter if your road runs a mile long. Also, the UVs for such things can be setup in a certain way to work perfectly with this work flow, otherwise you need to use vertex masking.
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

Hi CAGameDEV ! Thanks for your answer, it kind of goes in the direction of what I thought ;)