Author Topic: Graph outputs no longer update on model in 3D view (black)  (Read 9162 times)


I recently bought Substance Designer (the non-commercial version) on Steam. I'm running it on PC. I've watched the cymourai tutorials and I'm trying to follow along with what he has done. My problem is, that after adjusting various sliders for a short period of time, my 3D model turns solid 100% black.

I can save and restart the application, and my 3D model is updating again, but after adjusting sliders in the nodes the model again turns black. I'm able to reproduce this with gradient nodes, levels nodes and blend nodes.

I've tried clicking everything in the 3d model viewer to reset it without restarting the application and can't seem to get it to fix. It will not apply textures to any model once this issue has occured.

Digging deeper, I've setup 3 different graph lines (I'm not sure if that's the right terminology), one for specular, one for emissive and one for diffuse. I restart the application and adjust a node that only affects diffuse until it breaks and I notice that the specular and emmisive layers are still showing up in 3d view. I can move the light around to identify both layers. As soon as I adjust a single slider that affects one of the other two layers, that layer is then no longer applied to the 3d view (solid black). I can break both the specular and emissive layers this way. I'm able to reproduce this 100% of the time on both the 64 bit and 32 bit versions of the software.

My guess is that the software is failing to update the texture memory? Or something like that? possibly due to an initial failure of some kind? Maybe a subsystem is breaking? I'm really grasping here, are there some logs I can look at to try and figure out what is going on? Or am I missing a feature or some step that is messing with me?

I've attached my DxDiag


Could you also send me your substance file via PM or mail please?
It looks like a refresh issue in the 3D view but it will be easier for me to pinpoint the issue with the actual graph.

I don't think that I can attach files to a PM. I've emailed the file to as well as posted it here. I created a new project with a very simple graph and I am able to reproduce the issue by adjusting the opacity on the blend node rapidly for about 45 seconds. My model turns solid black and won't fix.

There is another symptom that is worth mentioning that seems to be related. I was using the painting tool in the 2d view when I noticed that it stopped behaving properly. I was unable to paint color onto the bitmap image and when trying to click on existing colored areas, it would delete the existing paint in a square pattern. After trying a bunch of things to get the brush to paint color again, I went again to one of my filter nodes and adjusted one of the sliders, and my model went black.

After restarting the application, I tried painting again and it was working, then I played with sliders until my model turned black, then I tried to paint again, and sure enough it was erasing in squares again. This is also reproducable for me in the attached substance. I'm able to reproduce this issue with basically any graph I make.

I'm not sure how these two features are related, but somehow they are. Maybe this will help in the diagnosis process. Let me know if I can provide any more information.


I don't mean to be impatient or annoying, but has there been any progress on this issue? Any idea what is going on? Would it help for me to make a video of the issue? I can put in that effort if you think it might help...

I tried reproducing the issue multiple time with no success on my end :/
Indeed a very short video could help.

Also, could you try to switch to a different engine (in Tools->Switch Engine...), and tell us if you see any improvement. Thanks.


Many of my students have a very similar problem.
When they do the slightest modification that affects the Roughness output, the mesh becomes pitch black.
They have to restart the scene, reassign the outputs and leave the roughness alone (which is quite a temporary workaround ;) ).
Also, sometimes, copy/pasting all the nodes in another graph solves the problem.

Please, let me know if it can be solved in a more permanent way. :)



I sent you a PM for more info.

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