Author Topic: will substance painter support painting across UDIM in the future?  (Read 5488 times)

As much as I love substance painter,
It's biggest down side in my opinion is the lack of ability to seamlessly paint over separate UDIM tiles
And the main reason I occasionally find myself using other texturing software.

So I was wondering, is this feature being worked on?
In the future will we be able to work on a few UV tiles without separating them to different texture sets inside painter?
Or be able to paint on a few texture sets seamlessly at the same time?


It is actively being worked on.

It's great to hear that this is being worked on. Is there a possible eta? We're looking into switching over to substance but this will be one of the main reasons we don't. Would be great to be able to plan on when we would be able to make the move across.

I honestly just discovered how amazing painter can be and am quite disappointed I won't be able to convince the studio to move across without this feature.


I think, full support UDIM is very important feature. Now Mari monopolized this, but workflow totally outdated and  so inconvenient that my ass burning like supernova. I look forward to global update Substance))

I think that full UDIM support is as long awaited feature
that it should be somewhere around the corner with even "not fast" development
it's requested for 3 or 4 years .

It's interesting that they have built an entire new software (alchemist) and still haven't fixed the many year old UDIM issue.