Author Topic: Is it possible to get the Source sample scene file? Would help in replicating.  (Read 1229 times)


So in my attempts to get the materials from Source replicated in Maya/3DS Max, I thought that if I was able to have the same sample scene setup that Source uses to showcase each material, that that would help me in figuring out what maps/values to set up to make sure that I can replicate a material in Maya/3DS as it appears in Source. I've been trying to replicate this setup scene on my own, but figuring out the camera angle and the placement of the lights is taking me a bit long to reverse engineer (as expected). Replicating a material depends so much on lighting, so I thought that if we had a sample Source scene setup file, that might perhaps help everyone ... give sort of a calibration scene for everyone as a jumping off point that they can use in their 3D programs to fine tune their materials to match what's shown in Soure?

Two things that would be helpful:
1). The placement of the lights, and
2). Finding out ... what material is used for the plane in the second pic below (where the material is assigned to the ball, but the bottom plane seems to be some kind of a dark brown or black slate material)

Attaching the pics that I'm talking about from Source.

Any input would be appreciated, or if anyone else thinks this might help them, perhaps make a note here as feedback (?).


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This scene is part of our visual identity, and we prefer not to share it or give firect information on how to reproduce it as it defines the look of the platform.
I hope you understand.

However, sharing a calibration scene could be interesting for our users indeed, we'll see what can be done.
PO @ Allegorithmic

Of course, that makes sense. Thanks for sharing that insight.

And thanks for looking into the possibility of a calibration scene. Much appreciated!