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I have made 44 consecutive payments totaling $875 and have never cashed in for perpetual.  What happens to the racked up amounts if they are not cashed in before the Adobe conversion?  I am assuming the answer is they go *poof*.  If so, when would you recommend I cash in for perpetual?  I would hate to cash in too early and miss out on a newer perpetual version.

Also, am I able to gift perpetual licenses (e.g., cash in for a couple of perpetuals and gift them)?  I know it is an odd question.  But, it is a first time situation :)
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If the subscription offer changes and you "need" to get the perpetual, you will be warned in advance, no need to worry about that now. You can only get one set of perpetual licenses for a given subscription.

Just curious ... do Adobe Staff people that haven't been Allegorithmic before watch these forums, especially this and the former part 1 in any way as well?

They do. We/they have been monitoring the feedback closely.

A well publicised Steam Sale with Painter and Decorator Substance 2019 on sale and with the loyalty discount back and stacking like we had in the Black Friday sale (I believe) would be a nice gesture and could only improve customer relations.

I follow this "Adobe thread" since the beginning and I'm also worried for the future...

I'm a professor of Games Art/dev, and since Allegorithmic offers the Student license, it's just perfect and thanks to Substance, they improved a lot their texturing / material workflows, and their projects are really really nicer (You can see an overview of our Jet Force Gemini remaster:

When I taught in Mexico, we bought some licenses. Now, I will work in Tokyo and I'll give classes in different Games school.
What is the future of student licenses ?
I hope you will reassure me...

If this kind of license disappears, many schools won't buy 30 licenses for a masterclass... and yes, I'm really worried.

Thank you in advance for your answer.

funny thing is, another (small) player called "Quixel" is taking the opposite route, regarding Adobe ;)
Their suite was bound to photoshop since beginning, but the next iteration wont!

glad, i´ve bought their products, too.

hopefully, we will get Alchemist and a few more Painter updates, before adobe cut´s perpetual licensing and we´re all forced into their cloud and services.

I allways will remember Allegorithmic as a revolutionary and even generous company, that made great software for dealing with PBR texturing. they even started a little trend in licensing products in may different models, at least it felt so.

for me, as a one-man-show-hobbyist-kind-of freelancer they were kind of heros!


Guys, you should have just raised price of the perpetual license by 2X or 3X, manys would have still purchased, because of what the software can offer. Please understand the needs of independent artists or independent devs that refuse a monthly plan and want the freedom when to upgrade or when you feel your learning curve is ready to take the step up to a newer Version. I sincerly hope you will keep the good work and the perpetual model. :)

As is usual form for me this will be TL:DR for most probably LOL

But..since you said Adobe can see this:

To Adobe, and by extension you all as well:

There are many artists who work on a contract or per project basis within different Industries that Subscriptions just do not work for. It's the risk. The risk being that the subscription runs out mid project and you don't have enough money to keep it going and now can't finish the project. By extension, you now can't pay your bills and that issue can snowball.

I, personally, am only subscribed to your Subscription Plan (and I mean yours others) and it was for three reasons:

1) It was a great value between the wonderful software and also Substance Source
2) If times got tough or things got tighter and the $20 a month became a worry, I did have the safety net there to buy perpetual...keep going on my projects. Get paid..come back to Subscription.
3) It also meant something to me that my payments counted towards something more tangible rather than disappearing software. I don't want to pay monthly for years...spend so many thousands of dollars and in the end one bad month..poof that long term investment is gone.

There are many artists out there (2D, 3D, Gaming Industry - and in Adobe's case Photographers as well) that are Contract workers. Those contracts have peaks and valleys. People go through dry periods due to illness. They go through dry spells due to the economy. I get that most people would say that it is only $20.00...but so many software companies have now decided to go this route that "Only $20.00 a month" is turning into $200, $300, $400 (and sometimes WAY MORE depending what you are doing) per month once other companies add in their "only x amount of money per month". Now it used to be most companies had both. You could choose what suited your work, budget, schedule, income, time, level of use, etc. So some applications I may buy perpetual when I had work where I had the extra and ride that out for two years (I used to do that with my Adobe Creative Suite - upgrade my perpetual every 2 years for Adobe Web Creative Suite) and then others I may Subscribe to if the added value was there and if I saw benefit or low risks in doing so (low risk in my case ALWAYS being that Perpetual is an option). Now though, most companies don't offer a perpetual (something most are upset with Adobe about because we feel it started with them and became the standard.)

Now personally, I LOVE Allegorithmic, as a people. If you look at my account you'll see the proof pretty easily (Ive bought extra licenses multiple times that I don't even NEED just to invest in your development - even as far as getting Pro versions when I don't make NEAR the amounts necessary to have to) I've subscribed AND bought perpetuals (and I am a company of 1 LOL) I did that because you were the only company anymore who I felt was HEARING US and as such I wanted to support you like I felt you were supporting me.

Subscription from a developer standpoint makes sense and I get that. Like us, you need a flow of consistent money coming in to pay you while you are developing and innovating. That said, like us, not always is that flow of money consistent when people may skip one years upgrading or when the economy is tighter etc. Now for you, you can charge Subscription to help that..but for me/most of us...we cannot. And that is where the issue is. I work project to project (much like anyone working paycheck to paycheck) Some months I have an influx of money and some months I'm stressing trying to figure out how to pay the monthly bills to keep my home afloat. The way you set things up, I didn't have to worry that just when I may need the software most...the software may say "sorry I need more money" when I may not have the money in that moment and may need this project to be able to make said money.

I truly hope Adobe is reading this...and maybe rethinks their pricing model in favor of modeling after what you have done here rather than changing you to be them. They lost a long time customer in me...and a devoted one. (I own CS, CS 2, CS 3, CS 5.5, and CS 6 - If I recall correctly - and the last two or 3 versions were suites) I've not bought one version since they went to Subscription Only with no way to get to a Perpetual. Instead I started looking at alternatives which makes me sad...I love their line of products but endless subscriptions to 10+ different companies isn't something I can afford or risk. I said that at the time to them..and it is still true now.

As they say you can't squeeze blood out of a turnip and some days I'm a cash machine...others I am very much a turnip. I need to use software that understands that and offers options for both.
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Adobe don't sell their software to Vietnamese even though they constantly run ads that target Vietnam market, discounts and all.

I clicked the ads and tried to buy several times, only to receive a message "this product is not available in your country (Vietnam)".

It sucks, you know, it's like they were teasing me with some nice food and then punch in my face when I try to eat. 

Once Substance integrate into CC, it's game over.

Is there a timeline for when perpetual licence will no longer be offered? If that is the case?

I would like to purchase perpetual licence before it's no longer available. To get the "final" version. But not sure how soon that could happen. Weeks? Months?

Hey guys,

in this post i just want to apologize for my reaction. I dont think i offended anyone personally but as employees of allegorithmic you didnt deserve this. It was just a big shock and i'm not a fan of adobe.

i thought a lot about what could happen in the future and i came to a net positive. what i can realistically hope for is that adobe uses the tech provided by you guys wisely. this could be the step in drastically improving photoshop and after effects. i'm pretty sure they will pump a lot into improving dimensions. i seriously hope your package stays out of creative cloud and just being a seperate thing. furthermore i hope adobe does not interfere with your development process in a negative manner - you have become a vital part in different industries.

...and sebastien being at adobe now can be nothing but a win for everyone.

Keep it up, you guys rock - lets keep it like that

I am a 3D hobbyist (Houdini user) and have only been using Substance Painter for about a year so I do not really have a horse in this race.  that said, I can understand the consternation this acquisition is causing. Adobes track record of buying up software/companies has rarely been positive for said company and its user base. However, I will adopt a wait and see policy on how this plays out, if things do not change then good and if they do change for the worse then I will move on.

Is there a timeline for when perpetual licence will no longer be offered? If that is the case?

I would like to purchase perpetual licence before it's no longer available. To get the "final" version. But not sure how soon that could happen. Weeks? Months?
If it ever happens, definitely many months.

Is there a timeline for when perpetual licence will no longer be offered? If that is the case?

I would like to purchase perpetual licence before it's no longer available. To get the "final" version. But not sure how soon that could happen. Weeks? Months?

I think most of us think that SP and SD 2019 will be the final perpetual versions and it could be that the last chance to buy them at discount was actually last year in the steam black friday sale. I'm kicking myself for only getting SD2019 in the sale and not SP2019. I thought I would have another chance. There's a lunar new year sale on steam right now and substance products have no discount. It would be reasonable to assume they won't get a discount in the summer sale either or the halloween or black friday sales and then around xmas sale time they will probably quietly take everything off steam.

I'm really interested to see how they are going to spin this as an "exciting new licencing plan" to "benefit customers".