Author Topic: Allegorithmic is joining the Adobe family (Part2)  (Read 125217 times)

Just a note about that : I didn't buy perpetual license on Steam. Are you telling me that perpetual licenses are more reliable on Steam than on your own site (I renewed them here) ?!

OK. Good to know.

No. we are saying that Perpetual licenses for Substance Painter & Substance Designer are now available via Steam. Nothing to do with reliability.

And I missed the sale...
Will 2020 support Adobe Medium more tightly?

We will for sure! the "how" and the "when" have to be defined properly, with the Medium team as well, so we don't have a timeframe to announce. We just want to make things right.

So how much, specifically, are perpetual licenses on Steam going to cost after October 2020?  Though the "maintenance" fee for new features is clear, the price of actual licenses wasn't discussed.

I would also like to know the status of Substance Source after the deadline.
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There are no price change planned for Steam, same as today.