Author Topic: Texturing Sets with UDIM or not?  (Read 404 times)


I would love, to hear your opinion.
I’m currently working with Substance Painter/Mari on Environments, which gets shaded in Maya with Arnolds
StandardSurface Shader

Is it a good idea to use UDIMs for Sets as well?

For example, if you have a house with stairs in front, which should be seen later on in close-ups. There are about 30 separate geos for that stairs… If you use UDIMs for all the parts and end up with 30 Tiles, you can load that in mari and are ready to go right away. Later on in Arnold you have only to connect one texture for all the shaders.
Does that increase rendertime anyhow? Or what would be the advantage of using separate objects with the textures all in 1001 space?