Author Topic: 3ds max crash  (Read 598 times)

I create substanse vray material and save the scene ...  and crash...

Very slow support. I will use quixel.

Other than quixel  what we can use ?

There might be issues if there's non-Latin characters, such as Cyrillic, etc. in the filepath. We have a bug in for this, and we'll try to get it fixed for the next release.
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I don't use Cyrillic!

I don't know the issue then. If you get a minidump file from 3ds Max when it crashes, could you post that as well as what version of Max and the plugin you're using? I can try to find out what's causing it if I have those, but I can only speculate without them.
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Maya 2.0, 3ds Max & Modo

vray 3.6.03 3ds 2018

If you can get the minidump.dmp file that 3ds Max outputs from the crash and tell me what version of the Substance plugin you're using, I can find out where it crashed. I've been able to create VRay 3.6 materials in 2018, so I can't reproduce it unless I figure out where it crashed.
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Maya 2.0, 3ds Max & Modo

I experience this crash as well. It is related to using the Slate Material editor with the Substance 2 plugin installed. If you create a new scene, open Slate, add the Substance 2 material to the SME viewport, then select File>Export. Crash.

I have not tested to see if this is a conflict with another plugin that I am using with Substance, such as V-Ray or the ITOO Software plugins, but I can cause a crash every time with the steps above.
Mark Kauffman
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Thank you Kauffman,

I've gotten a dumpfile now so I can get a programmatic record of the event, so I'll try to reproduce the crash since it does look on first inspection that it's similar to what you said.

I appreciate your report and steps to reproduce, I think it'll be really helpful to make the plugin better.

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Maya 2.0, 3ds Max & Modo

This might be a 3ds max issue. Try hiding the object you are applying the material to in the viewport > select it in the scene explorer (while still hidden) > click assign material to selected> unhide the object.

 I don't know what caused it to start on my end, my best guess is a windows 10 update broke something again.