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Hi Everyone,

With Maya 2019, we have updated the Substance plugin to version 1.4.0. This brings the plugin that is installed via the Maya 2019 installer up to date with the latest version of our plugin. Going forward, we are working on the new 2.0 plugin which will launch later this spring.

We will be providing updates via our website as well starting with the 1.4.1 version.

1.4.0 Release:

  • 4k for CPU and GPU, upgraded engines
  • GPU engine now uses OpenGL 3 engine on Linux
  • Plugin now loads relative and exists outside of Maya install directory
  • Stability in Attribute Editor
  • Silent install on all platforms (with various mechanisms)


A major shift is that the plugin installs outside of Maya. This is the same approach of the Arnold plugin. The plugin installs to a separate directory and can be loaded from anywhere. This is good if a studio wants to put the plugin on a network drive.

The Substance plugin now now installs to:
Windows: C:\Allegorithmic\SubstanceMaya\201X\...
MacOS:     /Applications/Allegorithmic/SubstanceMaya/201X/...
Linux:        /opt/Allegorithmic/SubstanceMaya/201X/...

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Thanks for the update ..!!!

When do you plan to release 1.4.1 hotfix ?

1.4.1 should be coming soon, we're testing the hotfixes right now and cutting new packages. The last one to do is MacOS, and when those are cut we'll do final testing and then it will be released.

Since Maya 2018 comes with older versions of the plugin, we have to make sure it doesn't just fix the issues, but has a clean migration from the older versions that ship with it, as we extracted the plugin outside of Maya's program directory.

It should be released sometime in the next week or two would be my guess, we're also in the later stages of the 2.0.0 rewrite that should be the next release after 1.4.1.
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