Author Topic: Cant login to Substance Share  (Read 53025 times)

There is no conspiracy  8)
We are trying to figure out where the issue comes from, it may have been from the increased traffic after the anouncement, we'll keep you posted.

The issue should now be fixed, but please let us now if you still have trouble.
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I still can't log into Substance Share. I have no problem logging into the main page. I've changed my password and have tried using Firefox and Chrome. Nothing seems to work

My old account is not working. Made a new one to post here, for some reason I could using the same email, and even my uploads are visible at the share portal.
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Having same problem.
Tried many times to no avail.
Can login everywhere but Substance Share...  "Email or password incorrect" ..

Did this ever get fixed? I cannot login-wheel just spins forever...

Working fine here, Jon. If your browser is autofilling the login creds try manually typing them in. Not sure if it will solve the issue but doing so did solve a similar issue a while back with the site. Worth a try.

Failing that you might contact them directly so they can reset your account if needed.

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