Author Topic: Cant login to Substance Share  (Read 69412 times)

Substance share is not accepting my password.. the same password I used to log into the forum.

Having the same issue.

Was logged in last night no problem, downloading materials, but this morning I get the error message: "Sign-in failed! Please make sure your email and password are correct."

Tried updating my password at the main Allegorithmic site, clearing cookies and cache, etc, all to no avail.

Is Adobe taking it down?

Same problem here, get the password/email error message. It has begun..... :(

Expected. Before long this forum will stop working.

Maybe just a glitch, or maybe a result of Adobe owning it.

Same problem, also tried changing my password through Allegorithmic. Still can't log in.

Same problem here. just changed my password quite a few times before I read this post. How ironic the same day I find out Adobe is hijacking Allegorithmic: Im unable to login to substanceShare. Sad day indeed.

I just tried to log in and no luck? Any updates on this?

me too help! i need glass for a window

A future advice for Allegorithmic : don't touch what ain't broken.

Same Here,
I guess today laggy web was a result of server migration. Adobe has bought allegorithmic and I guess this is the first of many things to change. I still need the Rongyan.sbsar file, if any kind soul would provide.


Same here... can't log-in, could yesterday afternoon though...

Can't log in either. I can log into the forums and the Allegorithmic website, just not Substance share.  Seems like everyone is having the same problem.

Now that Adobe owns Allegorithmic, I wonder what will happen to everyone's uploads. I have zero faith in Adobe, so I'd like to take my files down if possible.

Adobe are software nazis! I can't login suddenly to SS either. Just like everyone else, I can login to everything else just fine, except Substance Share. When I read that Adobe acquired Allegorithmic my heart sunk a thousand levels! This is just awful news, almost as bad as Disney and Star Wars! Welcome to the way artistic democracy falls...with thunderous Adobe-hypnotized applause! Ugh. Ok I'm done.