Author Topic: Question about perpetual licence and Steam.  (Read 375 times)


So I love your software, I really do but your answers on what happens to perpetual are pretty vague. I have one more payment until I can get the perpetual licence but I am scared that Adobe will find a way to ruin that. I don't care about your feelings and justifications. Don't try to tell me that everything is going to be OK. This smells like an ActiBlizz situation from a mile away. 

Is it possible to switch to Steam in my case once I have 12 payments? Would that even be a good idea? I just want to keep my beloved software as it is. I don't care if I won't get any more updates if they screw it up, the software is great as it is.

There is no switching to Steam option, but you can buy a Steam license if you want or you can keep your perpetual license after your last month. Whatever your choice is, no license is being deleted or going away.