Author Topic: Bought substance bundle from steam, just want to make sure it is perpetual  (Read 1170 times)

I tried the trial version some time ago and I loved it, and now I bought it. I chose the substance bundle from steam, it is perpetual, right? I don't see any info anywhere where it says it is perpetual or not after installation. And am I guaranteed to not have the license changed? I see a lot of people are worried about this part because of the Adobe thingy and that in turn have made me a bit worried too.

I understand that there won't be any more updates after 12 months, and I been reading that you get a choice to make it perpetual after 12 months, but how does that work? Will I get a note through steam or something else when the 12 months have passed? Or is this as it is now for me perpetual as I bought it through steam and not Allegorithmic's own webstore?

Oh and I understand from what I been reading that after 12 months there is a 49$ fee for turning it perpetual, is that for the whole bundle or for each of the programs?

I just been reading on both reddit and on this forum and other forums, and a lot of people say different things, so I gotta ask the staff directly to make everything clear for me. Thank you!
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If you bought on Steam, you will get updates for the next 12 months, then updates will stop, but your license will always be available in your Steam library, it won't expire.

Nice! All the information I wanted put into one sentence! Thank you, Jeremie! :D