Author Topic: Important question about preferences.  (Read 782 times)

In this debate over Adobe vs Allegorithmic, Allegorithmic has done something for a while now that Adobe, and honestly some other major players. refuses to do any more, allow perpetual licenses and paid upgrades to those licenses for minimal cost. This is something Adobe effectively removed from their core beliefs as a software distributor. Allegorithmic has been applauded for this for quite some time, and its a contributing factor for why people switched over to Substance over Adobe products.

So I think its important to ask, To the people there who identify as the core team of Allegorithmic, "if" the perpetual licenses are removed in the future as an option as it seems they will be, can you please put into words why now subscription only licensing (without the ability to roll onto an indefinite license with 12 months support) is fair to consumers and not anti consumer as many believe it to be?