Author Topic: User channels broken ?  (Read 753 times)


I'm trying to add additional maps (through the User channels) to be able to export a partially grayscaled version of the diffuse map (with the rest of it still being in color), but I'm running into several issues trying to achieve this.

-The User channels seem to be always in Linear color space, even when they're set to RGB, or so it looks anyway. I can counter this by adding levels effects to every single layer set to 2.2, affecting only the User channel... but it makes the layer overview noisy and confusing.

-The 'diffuse hsl' substance effect only works on the Base Color channel, even tho you can set the channels it should affect in the properties, so I can't use that to turn single layers into a grayscale in a User channel.

-Making a fill layer filled with gray and setting it to 'Color' or 'Saturation' and putting it on top of the layers you want grayscaled doesn't work as expected. The result is a grayscale that is a lot brighter than the colored version.

There might be a simple solution, but I'm running out of ideas I can think of :/

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