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As the title says can SP make them. I can't see any reference of them in the documentation (baking list). It is the way DAZ3D set up the Metal/Rough shader in Daz Studio with a Gloss Layer Weight node (0 Black, 1.00 white).

PS I may have found the answer. I think you may call them Glossiness maps
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If you're working with Metal Rough there is no "gloss" map. If you decide to do this on your own and mix the shader, then that's a different story. The Gloss look would come from moving your Roughness slider to the left, making it less rough and more glossy. :) Then plug in your roughness map to the shader and you'll be good to go.
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Yeah I was wondering why DAZ3D made a Gloss Layer Weight node in their Metal/Rough shader by default, that is adjustable 0 -1.00. I too thought Roughness would be good enough but after using Iray inside Daz Studio I have found on occasion that 1.00 is why too much and dropping this Weight node down helps with controlling the strength of the roughness, hence the Q about making a Weight map. I always thought that PBR would always have gloss weight of 1.00 with Roughness being the only controller.

This is a snippet of the Metal/Rough shader in Daz Studio so you can see what I am referring to. The node is selected with a yellow outline

I'm going to take a guess that the shader supports both Metal Rough and Spec Gloss maps, which is why you see all the options for those two workflows within the shader.

I might be wrong because I don't use DAZ3D, but with Metal Rough you use: Base Color - Metallic - Roughness - Normal // with Spec Gloss it's Diffuse - Specular - Glossiness - Normal.

Someone who knows DAZ3D should be able to tell you. I just know the maps used for the two workflows.

I found this online. Take a look! :)
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I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

Thanks for the reply.

Yes you can change the shader to Spec Gloss and Weighted also but all the parameters change to what you should get with Spec Gloss etc. I have been using Daz Studio for near on ten years and I know it well. The documentation I have read over and over but it never explains why they included a Gloss Weight node. But I did find this snippet after reading it again "but unless it is for legacy conversion, it usually left alone. When converting legacy materials, specular maps are inserted here". Man I hate been dyslexic.

Anyways I realise now that if I follow a strict PBR workflow and leave this Node on 1.00 I should be good with Substance Materials.

Thank you for trying to help, much appreciated.
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