Author Topic: Allegorithmic is joining the Adobe family (part 1)  (Read 235605 times)

Here we go, from updates with lots of good features and improvments every few months, to updates every year, sometimes you kwno, with things that we didn't ask for.

RIP, thanks to all the devs hard work on making this wonderful piece of software, had a great time with it and I'll miss it dearly once it's gone.

Hopefully some of the design elements will continue in spirit in other software.
I'd like to stay optimistic, but at this point in my life, I have a hard time imagining that an adobe acquisition could mean anything other than a slaughter of the original software.

Good luck going forward

I dont use any adobe products for a multitude of reasons and these news are VERY unwelcome. I have enjoyed painter, designer and source very much, but now with adobe? I guess ill just have to stick with old versions on steam.

Very dissapointed and upset.

To all people who use substance Share: adobe WILL get rid of it, get what you can from it fast.

So first Allegorithmic ditches the 'rent to buy' scheme which I loved [...]
This is all terribly bad news for users (especially the little guys, like me). But well done for cashing in, and I hope you enjoy the proceeds from your Adobe shares.
Our subscription system evolved a bit, but you can still get a perpetual license at the end. For the rest, nothing change as of now and we will respect our engagement.

You sold your soul, buddies.
@Developers: Flee as fast as you can!
Not a single developer wants to leave right now. ;)

I do have a question though regarding my account I recently upgrade from stand alone licenses to an annual subscription one month ago. I also have an adobe CC subscription. Will I be receiving a refund for the annual license I just subscribed to. No reason to be double paying.
Our current license scheme doesn't change, futur plans will be announced at some point but we will keep it fair.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
Fabrice Piquet aka Froyok. Product Manager, Technical Artist and Documentation at Adobe.

People pay Allegorithmic because they really want to do so.
People pay Adobe because they are forced to do so.
That's a neat difference in the long run.

It doesn’t matter how “cheap” will be the new Adobe subscription model, because we all know that is coming and its not what we signed up for.

As it may be immature to draw conclusion until we know all the facts, let's hope the best anyway.

I nearly got sick when I saw this headline on the Polycount forums. Allegorithmic have changed the face of the industry with your amazing and innovative tools. I'm already thinking about alternative workflows and I've been using Painter since beta.

Mixamo was a fantastic set of tools for the gaming industry and Adobe killed that stone dead. Autodesk have done it to countless programs and plugins. The Foundry have more or less done the same for Modo and Mari(in the sense that these once innovative and exciting programs have been sadly neglected)

Once greedy shareholders are involved in artistic endevours it's effectively the end of exciting innovations and the start of ever-increasing pricing.

I know you say 'everything will stay the same', but it never does. Corporations suck the lifeblood from companies like yours.

Sorry to sound so pessimistic, but I've been in this industry for over a decade and I've seen this same old story over and over again.

What a sad day for artists.

Replies here are so paranoid!
You guys have the benefit of the doubt from me. I really don't care whether you move to subscription or not, as long as the lowest price is similar for Indie versions.
For the naysayers saying they are calling it quits to Allegorithmic and going to 3dCoat and the likes.... give me a break!
Allegorithmic is still delivering the best in class tools, these guys are up there with the best of the best, and they love their product (this is very clear to me!).  3dCoat and such are toys for hobbysts, clearly Allegorithmic isn't trying to expand into the "hobbyist" market but further into high end VFX and video games. Hopefully this gives them the resources to get there!

I'm personally looking forward to integrations with Adobe, like say a live link node between Photoshop and Designer? (live-link for drawing vectors in photoshop and processing them into a Designer graph? Using PS liquify inside a node in Designer?)

That said I am apprehesive that this *could* go wrong... people aren't freaking out for no reason, not entirely.

Also please keep the Allegorithmic forums separate from Adobe users, the forums here are one of the best things about your products! (though looking at this thread you would not think so!)

You lost this customer.  Glad I switched my license sooner rather than later. I'll get the last update.  And will be moving you out of my pipeline.

You sold your soul, buddies.
@Developers: Flee as fast as you can!
Not a single developer wants to leave right now. ;)

Yeah, give it a few years, there will be nothing left of allegorithmic or how the software became beloved. You guys need to undo whatever agreement you had fast, join Epic instead, work with them, they are a very reasonable company.
But i guess its pointless even if half the userbase reacts negatively "you guys will see it will be great" thats what is said every time and every time it all detereorates.

Sigh.... I am really incredibly sad at this news. Substance Painter (and B2M) is the best software I have ever purchased. I absolutely love it and wouldn't want to do my projects without it. It is really valuable to me as a texture artist.

I fear that SP and other Allegorithmic software will eventually be integrated into Photoshop or included as part of their cloud package - this rarely works well for me (can never get their updates to download correctly - the only software I have bought that gives me headaches!) and their customer service is pretty awful in my experience. So this is NOT an experience I am looking forward too! And heaven knows what kind of licenses will be cooked up. I hope the prices are not going to rise!

You are effectively giving Adobe a monopoly on the market. Thanks.

I feel that Allegorithmic had really cornered the market in 3D texturing - lots of company's, freelancers and hobbyist are using your software. Why did you need to sell out to Adobe? I really don't understand the decision...

So another take over by a big company of a smaller one - happens all the time (sadly) and things ALWAYS change - staff get fired, products are taken off the market, mediocre sets in. To say it won't change I think is a bit of wishful thinking. I don't wish to be pessimistic about this, but as it's Adobe I am. I hope I am proved wrong!!

I am so very sad at the news :'(  :'(  :'(
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Another thing - I'm a bit disappointed you couldn't run that decision by your customers (we pay your salaries)  before making that decision. Like maybe a poll on the forum or something. That makes me think you don't really care what we think.
Ofcourse they dont care. And never did. They have a corporate soul, not a creative one.

lol you are a customer, not a shareholder. Welcome to the real world!

Really sad about this move, I was litterally just talking to my freind about how Allegorithmic is the only software worth a monthly sub when I saw the news. Just a little context of why I hate adobe A year ago I finally axed my Adobe CC subscription replacing it with affinity pordcuts and other softwares. I feel the need to add that cancelling that adobe CC subscrition was no easy job! I had to speak with 3 different customer support agents, then! when I was assured that my sub was cancelled (and I tested by trying to open PS and getting a warning that I was no longer sub'ed), I found in my credit card ballance that another month of CC was charged. Again, another chat with customer support, bear in mind that customer support kept me in hold for like half an hour before answering, maybe hopping I would give up and leave them with my money and maybe a few more months before it aws too late. This time the person on the other side was so into re-selling me the sub with discounts, when all I wanted was a refund for the extra month that I was wrongfuly charged ... 15 mins later I could finally get the thing done, and just after the month had passed and I could confirm that I had not been charged again for the CC sub, I felt at ease.

↑ that way of treating clients like cash cows and not loyal users who love your software is what you are getting into...

Adobe and autoodesk are the worst of the worst. Currently transitioning to blender to also stop my autodesk Sub. And honestly, if you needed the money I would have been more than happy to pay extra $ for my Allegorithmic monthly fee.
I feel sad now that I know that I am, again, supporting the monopoly of adobe expand it's veil of evil and poor customer mindset.

11 page... don’t want read through looking for answers I look for..
for someone (and me) who already subscribe adobe, what benefit for us who have perpetual licenses?

Any changes planned about education licenses ?

Not a single developer wants to leave right now. ;)

Yup, let's talk again in 5 years. I've been through one of these episodes of a software company being bought. After a few years, all the original devs were gone. Slowly it became clear that the two companies didn't fit together at all despite them having been in almost the same line of work. Not to mention, in case of Adobe there will be a hefty price to pay in terms of customer perception, which will slowly eat away at every single employee.